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GeoAfrica - earth science professionals (geologists, geophysicists, etc.) exploration and mining companies, associations and products in Africa, listed by category.

Earth science consultants - geology, geophysics, exploration, mining, software, earth science, geochemistry, geostatistics, geohydrology, groundwater, paleontology, hydrology, geoinformation, meteorology, oceanography, etc., as well as links to a number of earth-science associations

Mining companies   - exploration equipment, software, mining contractors and consultants

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Red Dog Scientific - Suppliers of geophysical, geological and earth science software and exploration equipment including mapping, contouring and geological utility software (Surfer, Didger, Grapher, MapViewer, RockWorks, LogPlot, etc.), groundwater modeling & visualization software, airborne, land and marine magnetometers, conductivity mappers (Stratagem), seismographs, borehole logging equipment,  ground penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetic exploration equipment, magnetotelluric and resistivity equipment, magnetic susceptibility meters and more


Alphabetical listing The links below lead to earth science companies whose web pages are hosted on external servers. Summaries of products and services are included where available. No responsibility is accepted for validity of links or web content.
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