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The Importance of an Object Manager

Because of the large number of objects it is possible to create while compiling a grid map, it is essential that your software have a robust and convenient object manager. Objects should be contained in a hierarchical list (eg. tree view). For ease-of-use the objects should be selected, arranged, and edited interactively. You want to be able to perform mundane tasks such as "move to front/back", "move forward/backward", "combine objects or break them apart (VERY IMPORTANT), rotate or transform objects, or simply align objects easily. I have found the system used by Surfer (especially the latest version) to be extremely easy to use and, more importantly, convenient. I would recommend it as it allows all these normally tedious tasks to be carried out with with consummate ease.

By the way, you also want to have a "reshape" feature for reshaping polylines and polygons, such as featured in Surfer. This will save you plenty of time when you need to shift or redo drawn objects.