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As a geophysicist I am often asked my opinion regarding gridding algorithms, contouring, contour software, visualization of multidimensional data and so on. Recently I realized it would be nice to give something back to the industry, as a "thank you" for all I have gained during my career.

I built this web page to share the knowledge I have picked up along the way - Hopefully what I have to say will shed some light on the many gridding and contouring methods available. Where possible I have compared algorithms, techniques and products which are available. In some cases I have even been able to recommend specific methods for various applications (eg. geological, medical etc). I have also tried to provide a number of resources (including software) here to help you resolve problems, and to improve the quality of your gridding, contouring and data visualization.

I hope that you are able to benefit from the information I have included on this web site - If so it will have made my effort worthwhile.

Kind regards

Terry Odgers
MSc. Geophysics Pr. Sci. Nat. SAGA

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