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The Importance of an Object Manager

Variogram Modeling


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You may notice I favor the software package Surfer very strongly. Over the years I have found this to be an extremely robust (and affordable !) piece of software. In addition, there are regular updates (about every 18 months) which ensures your software investment remains up to date and retains it's value. 

I found Surfer easy to learn and it is really feature-rich, being able to handle almost everything asked of it. I like the fact that it is user-friendly and I can come back to it after two weeks away and not have to re-learn it (as is the case with so many of the packages that offer such sophisticated functionality). I also find it to be faster than anyone would expect from a mid-priced package. Both gridding and display algorithms seem to have been optimized, which reduces the time you spend waiting. Unfortunately no more coffee breaks while the computer grinds away!

Surfer also has a lot of neat features which make creating maps a lot easier. Things like it's powerful "object manager" which make navigating complex maps a cinch. And the fact you can easily automate repetitive tasks with it's intuitive scripting functions. In short, I highly recommend Surfer to anyone who needs gridding and visualization software!

[ Click HERE to find out more about SURFER]